Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Challenge schmalenge ( not-so-much DC-based entry)

About a month ago, I turned in a 1500-word piece on all things green for a national business publication that took about three to four weeks total to research and write, then research and rewrite, then research some more then rewrite again. But the fact of the matter is, I did it all: arranging at least 15 interviews with a variety of renewable energy and green economy experts, interviewing the experts, transcribing the interviews, outlining the article, conferring with editors and rewriting the article. I did so much work that I decided to take a little break from doing work. Shortly after filing the green story, I was assigned a 500-word piece about audio technology and it's taken me forever to sit down and write the thing. Notice I didn't say I haven't been doing the research or the interviewing, just that I haven't done the writing. And trust, I've done everything I could to put it off from watching marathons of Law and Order: SVU (I love crime shows!) to reading self-help books about procrastination which only helped me to procrastinate more.

At five days past deadline (yes, I'll admit I completely blew off this deadline) while walking the dog, I had a flash of insight: maybe I've been having a problem writing the story because there is no challenge; maybe I blew the the deadline to create drama and a challenge in the first place. Needing reassurance and to talk to someone who's been in my position before, I called my good friend Allihost (that's not her real name, but for all intents and purposes, this is how her name will appear here, just like Quite) who hit me with a bunch of interesting questions about finding my passion and creating a way to live those passions and make money while doing it. While I don't want give up on writing completely because I feel like I'd be lost without it, I damn sure don't enjoy doing the same things over and over again. I also don't like easy things but tend to flounder when my goals are set mountain high. I'm becoming this weird wanna-be perfectionist that I need not want to be and I'm comparing myself to other folks who might've been big time eight months in. Needless to say I definitely felt better after our conversation, most of all, it led me back here to 'I'm Dating D.C.', a blog I created in January, but haven't contributed to since then. The point of this blog is to do two things: 1) to get into all kinds of fun foolishness while in the D/M/V and 2) to share that foolishness with you.

So here's my promise to myself and to you, my readers (is there anyone out there?): I'm going to break out of this box more often even if I'm by myself 'cause I don't think I can take doing the same old same old any more, and my relationships with my editors as well as my bottom line definitely can't take it. And I'm going to write all about my foolishness here 'cause what is 'I'm Dating D.C.' without getting out and about in D.C. in the first place?

Have you loved your city (and yourself) today?


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Founders' Day

Happy Founders' Day to the 'First, Formost and Finest' Sorority in all the land!

You know the herstory: 16 women with a vision of Service to All Mankind founded our fair Sorority on the campus of Howard University. Their message of service and sisterhood have spread throughout the world and every year we take this day to celebrate their dream. Oh, and that dude's birthday. What's his face? Martin Luther King Jr., yeah, that other one.

I kid.

It's wild that Alpha Kappa Alpha is 101 years-old today. What's equally wild is that my Line Sisters and I will celebrate our eighth birthday in October. That's two steps away from 10 years. Wow.

Anyway, Happy Founders' Day to all my Sorors especially to those I didn't know were Sorors but should've known better (smiles).

Have you loved your city today?


Inaugural Inauguration Post

Everyone within a million-mile radius is geeked about Barack Obama’s Inauguration next Tuesday. Those of us within a closer proximity of the White House are equally geeked about the shindigs leading up to the big event.

The roster of celebs in the D.C.-metro area this week makes it seem as though New York, L.A. and every major metro in between have descended on this itty-bitty city: Will and Jada, Mary J. Blige (Do I have to include Kendu? He's only a celeb by association. OK, OK. Kendu, too.), U2, Mr. and Mrs. Sean Carter, Talib Kweli, Lady O (don’t get me started on the $9 million abode she purchased in Georgetown because she couldn’t find a hotel room -- if that’s not ballerific, I don’t know what is), and on and on. I wouldn’t be surprised to see big-time Obama supporters ?uestlove and Jurnee Smollett roaming the city at some point. Well, at least I hope to.

This place is going to be crazy for the next five days and I’m loving every moment of it. Those of y’all who aren’t here will wish you were once it’s all said and done.

At first I was dreading this whole song and dance and didn’t want to have anything to do with standing around in the cold and crowds during the swearing in and parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. Now I have house guests coming, I bought a bunch of hand and toe warmer thingees for keeping my extremities toasty in this cold-as-a-bitch weather, and I’m halfway trying to learn how to use the Metro.

While I won’t be going to too many events, especially since most of what I want to go to overlaps with something else and then another something else, if I don’t go to another party this week I WILL be live and direct at the Bobbito/DJ Spinna Wonderfull Inauguration set. I might even live tweet it, but I haven’t decided yet. I caught wind of the first one after the fact and as soon as I saw early bird tix were still on sale, I didn’t hesitate to buy one for myself and my roll dog, Quita.

I tell you no lies when I say I love Stevie like I love air and if he rolls through, as he’s sometimes rumored to do at Wonderfull sets, I won’t faint but I will definitely freak the @#$% out. And if they play even a smidgen of these two ghost tracks, I can go to my grave a very happy girl.

I’m going to take as many pictures as possible, but I’m not a reliable shutterbug, so don’t count on too many. I will, however, be able brag about it as only I can, photos or not.

Have you loved your city today?